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...and I dwelt with my pride and my songs and things...












Dry Songs And Scribbles

Released: 1971

Written by: Donovan P. Leitch

Description: Dry Songs And Scribbles is a book which assembled a number of early poems, drawings and prose works by Donovan, along with some photographs. Most of the poems included were untitled. A few of them have place and date of composition.

Poems included: as many of the poems are untitled they're listed by the first line.

Helen - Yellow

Poem As I Skirt The Windy Street

In Portabella

My Love Is A Mergirl

Sad Evening River

To Work One Day

Did I Hear A Flutter Of Wings

Poem Of A Breeze


A New Sound

A Poem With No Name


Christine Is Dead

The Firefly Dawn

Whisper In My Pillow

Ballad Called Two

So Sweet An' High Pitched

Bright Paint

Around What

Ballad Called Three

Sand Grass


Armada Of Pink Pelicans

Trigonometry Sandwiches

Mumbling By

Little Linda

I Love The Girl In White

Damp Uncomfortable

I Jumped

A Dream Of Little


The Quiet Afternoon

Shooting Stars Are Seen

I Writw To You This Letter

The Skipper

Never Settle Down

I've Seen The Plastic Arm Death

Song For The Sparrow Child In My Mind

A Terracotta Love Poem

As I Peer Out Of One Eye

I Want To Live Till I Die

Poem For Spring In A Butterfly's Wing

Your Voice Is Like The Sound

The Voyage Of The Moon

Easter Monday

I Do Not Long For You

Lord Of The Reedy River

Twas Half A Moon Ago

I Awoke In The Early Hours

Hold Now, Be Not Fear

Forbid Me Not That Which Is Mine

Will Our Visions Of Tomorrow Mingle With Those Of Yesterday

Jack Daw

Epistle To Derroll


Writer In The Sun

The Long Dawn

Two Lovers

Little Pebble Upon The Sand

Song Of The Naturalist's Wife

Isle Of Islay

I Thank The Queen Of Living Things

In A Silent Canadian Wood

The Ferris Wheel

Catch The Wind

Good Morning Mr. Mind


O Daffodil In Yellow Splendarrayed

The Lullaby Of Spring

Wish I Now Were Off Some Island

A Night Of Moonbathers

I Remember Very Well

The Child Tastes The Sea

The Magpie

Don't Look Now

Your Winter Of Changes Relents

Enid With Child

O Youthful Mother

Just To Arrange The Thoughts So Strange

Young Girl Blues

Widow With Shawl (A Portrait)

Legend Of A Girl-Child Linda

Little Ben

The Tinker And The Crab


The Wild Flowers

Timothy Timid, Came To Town

Buy My Cabbages

The Wind Does Shake The

August 14, 1969, Skye

August 17, 1969, Skye

August 19, 1969, Skye

Seeking Sorrow's Joy

In The Lands Where There Is No Wind


Thurs-Night 18 Feb

Fri-Night 19 Feb

There Is An Ocean

The Garden Of Truth


Sailing Homeward

Hotel Juliet


How Silly The Politician Looks

The European Dream

The Crunch

Poorman's Sunshine

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