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Open Tome

A Donovan Anthology

Released: 2007 (not available)

Written by: Ade Macrow

Description: Open Tome: A Donovan Anthology is a compilation of articles written by Ade Macrow. Following the same line as Barabajournal: A Donovan Miscellany, Open Tome includes 42 chapters, each more interesting than the other.


01. Donovan On "Ready Steady Go"

02. There's A Certain Romance...

03. That R&B Groove

04. The Stromberg Twins

05. Donovan And Advertisments

06. The Universal Soldier EP

07. Sugar Sugar

08. Enid With Children

09. More 1960's Outtakes

10. The Other Harrison

11. My First Donovan Gig(s)

12. The Lady Speaks!

13. That First Album

14. The "Da Leitchi" Code

15. Donovan On "Top Of The Pops"

16. 7-Teas

17. The Dame And The Don

18. Underneath The Arches

19. The Trip

20. Donovan In The Dock

21. Ballad Of A Crystal Man

22. Tangerine Puppet

23. H&S Donovan

24. "Non Don" Albums... And More

25. Starfish On The Toast

26. Such A "Raz" Scene

27. Innerview

28. Oor Donnie

29. What's It All About?

30. As You Like It!

31. Boom!

32. Donovan's Isle Newletter

33. Message 2 Dez

34. Donovan's Managers

35. Smuggler's Sunday

36. Import Donovan Albums

37. Call Yourself A Donofan?

38. Dono And Dana

39. Promo Greeting Cards

40. Four Shades

41. Striking The Right Tone

42. Why I Love Donovan

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