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...and I dwelt with my pride and my songs and things...











Alternate cover

The Hurdy Gurdy Man

Released: 2005

Written by: Donovan P. Leitch

Description: The one and only autobiography of Donovan Philips Leitch. An interesting journey throughout Donovan's life, from an early age, when he lived in Glasgow, and all his adventures throughout the 60's, when the fame came in. The novel culminates in 1970. Donovan extends into personal experiences and love affairs, which give the novel a very moving touch. However, the stop at the begining of the 70's leaves us thirsty for more. A must have for anyone interested in the 60's music scene.


01. Childhood: Glasgow 1954

02. Teenage

03. Rebel

04. Vagabond

05. Wind Catcher

06. Folksinger

07. Cops 'n' Robbers

08. Songmaker

09. Linda Anne

10. America Wants Donovan

11. Love, Love, Love

12. Bobbie

13. The Trip

14. Pandemonium

15. Fairytale

16. The World Is Beautiful

17. Sunshine Supergirl

18. Magician

19. Busted

20. Yellow Submarine

21. The Road Again

22. Electrical Banana

23. Jennifer Juniper

24. Initiation

25. Prince Of Flower Power

26. Yogi

27. Mia

28. The Hurdy Gurdy Man

29. Disillusion

30. The Lord Of The Isles

31. Atlantis

32. The Death Of Brian

33. Karon

35. It's Over

36. Voyage

37. The Journal

38. Freaky

39. The Faerie

40. Madness

41. Return

42. Epilogue


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