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...you're my singer, let me be your song...




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Donovan's Greatest Hits

Side 1:

01. Epistle To Dippy
02. Sunshine Superman (Extended Version)
03. There Is A Mountain
04. Jennifer Juniper
05. Wear Your Love Like Heaven
06. Season Of The Witch

Side 2:
07. Mellow Yellow
08. Colours*
09. Hurdy Gurdy Man
10. Catch The Wind*
11. Lalena

All songs by Donovan P. Leitch.
*Non original version.

Released: January 1969

Label: Epic BXN 26439 (stereo)

Country: USA

Format: vinyl LP


Billboard: 01/01/1969

53 weeks, #4

Cash Box: 45 weeks, #4

Record World: 45 weeks, #3


· Donovan's Greatest Hits was a major seller, reaching #4 in the USA.

· It was the best-seller album in the history of Donovan's music.

· It includes three singles previously unreleased on any LP: Epistle To Dippy, There Is A Mountain and Lalena.

· The unedited version for Sunshine Superman (longer than the original release in the Sunshine Superman album) is included here for the first time.

· Most of the songs appear for the first time in stereo.

· Epic wasn't able to get the rights to the original recordings of Colours and Catch The Wind, so Donovan had to record them again in November 1968 at Abbey Road Studios, London. He included a full backing band on these tracks and sings with a softer voice than in the original songs.

· All the songs are printed on the front cover in a different order than the track list.

· On the front and back cover and on the record label Lalena is listed as Lalena.

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