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...you're my singer, let me be your song...



Curry Land

Music and lyrics by Donovan P. Leitch

Lady, you are my peace of mind
Were I to seek your par none I could find
You delicately went to curry land
And left a lonely man, ah, me, yogi blue

He thought to himself as he sat before
His stocks and shares a dreadful bore
"If I'm to live another happy day
I best make haste and be on my way"

He at his desk did write and indicate
To lawyer friend and intimate
His lamentable grief did necessitate
The need for one swift bird to sail the ocean over

A sailing schooner was soon seen sailing
Swift and silent around the sound
Salutating seagulls heralding
The wondrous transport upon the wing

Twenty days from Goa they did espire
A wealthy merchant bound for Arabie
Exchanging greetings had he heard the news?
The lady Hall had drowned the price of Ninevah rose

Storms and tempests his shatterd mind beset
Hurricanes of pains raged and tore
Truly drowned in grief he did repair
To haunted trinkets and gross despair

All in white 'neath shade in bamboo chair
Military disipline has replaced despair
Anchored in the bay of innocence
Is left a lonely man, lonely through and through
Through and through
Through and through

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