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The Mountain

Music and lyrics by Derroll Adams

It was up some laughing river where I'd gone to spend the day
I had such fantastic visions I could hardly stand to stay
And I stood up within myself and suddenly felt free
And I stood above the burdens that puzzle you and me

I became awareness that was shared with all around

With the trees, the sky, the flowers and the wind, the Sun, the ground

I heard the birds were singing and I found them same as me
And I understood our sorrows and why they should not be

I saw this plane of living, it was nothing more than faith
A skin that covered glory, far beyond our love or hate
A living crystal fairyland where loving is our grace
A pyromanic garden that knows no time or space

I saw what we've been doing to it, saw it as insane
Still a-marching like good Christians with our wars, the sword, the flame
To crush all those damned infidels, defend what should be shame
And again I shared our sorrows, knew we all must bear the blame

I see it all as part of us, to know and share alike
With a universal willingness to know and do what's right
To understand our brotherness and stop this awful race
Let our children grow in peace, know their life shall not be waste

First there is a mountain, then it seems the mountain's gone
But then, if you take another look, why, it's been there all along
We can be just like that river as it laughs along its way
Or stand beneath the shadows that take the Sun away

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