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Donovan Unofficial Website Opening(11/11/2009)

The Land Of Doesn't Have To Be: Donovan Unofficial website opens its gates to the world. Run by Carlos and Veronica, this website aims to become an interactive place, where anyone with a little interest on Donovan can learn about him and even share information and experiences with everyone else. You can help building this website by sharing information, opinions, memories... Many of the sections have comments below, so you can express your thoughts about the issue being discussed.

The sections this website includes are:

· Home: homepage, with a list of the latest updates. You can subscribe to these updates via RSS.

· News: latest news about anything related to Donovan.

· Music: everything we know Donovan has created musically.

· Video: TV shows, DVDs, concerts, interviews...

· Miscellanea: a bit of this, a bit of that: Donovan's non-musical art.

· Tour: this section offers a list of upcoming concerts and an archive, calendar-shaped, marking past shows with links to each concert data (place, city, set list and comments from those present).

· Donofan: as any fan website, this section couldn't be left out. People telling their experiences, sharing their drawings inspired by Donovan or even pictures they took with him.

· Links: a list of links to other websites, related to Donovan in any or other way.

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