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Donovan named BMI Icon(06/10/2009)

BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) honoured Donovan with the BMI Icon award. This event took place at London's Dorchester Hotel on Tuesday, October 6. This award is given to songwriters who have proved «a unique and indelible influence on generations of music makers». Donovan joins a privileged list of past honorees such as Ray Davies, Peter Gabriel, Van Morrison, Paul Simon and more. Donovan said:

«It's a singular honor from songwriting and moving other songwriters is a great achievement. And it had always been my dream to explore and expand the frontiers of songwriting. 'Anything goes' said I to myself. When in the beginning I was listening to Buddy Holly and The Everly Brothers, one particular set of songs seemed to move me so much. And I know it moved my brothers and sisters of songs. And really, I don't think the romantic writing of certain songwriters of my generation could have really got off withouth listening to two songwriters, a husband and wife team: Boudleaux Bryant. They wrote such amazing songs that I know I was influenced and recently I wrote a song which I have never released and I want to sing it tonight because, in a way, it's Del Bryant's [BMI's president] birthday, yesterday, and these songs that came out of Del Bryant's mothers and fathers work were so extraordinary, this song echoes those influences, but this song also means that without a muse there would be no song. So this song is for my muse, Linda, who's sitting over there. It's called Forever Your Love».

Donovan delighted those present with Forever Your Love and Catch The Wind. Donovan later that night declared when he was asked about new music:

«We opened a lot of doors, we broke down a lot of barriers and we crashed a lot of gates so that music could be free in all levels. And so, now, it's multigenre, is world music, true world music now, and I think the sixties, that people are so interested in, I think the Internet is the new sixties. You now got the freedom that we fought very hard to get for ourselves back then. And so you can do anything you want, this is really extaordinary, that you can make your own recordings, make your own label, promote yourself on the Internet, without anybody telling you what to do. This is amazing. So I think the future's bright for music».

[Source: BMI]

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