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Gyp Mills autobiography, Knights Of The Road(05/12/2009)

David Mills autobiography, Knights Of The Road (The Adventures Of Gypsy Dave And Donovan), is now available for purchase, from his website only. The book is not finished yet, as he will go on writing chapters, but you can buy and directly download a few of the 19 chapters he's written so far, or all of them, for a very good price. Donovan's old friend (aka Gypsy Dave) has written and published this first part of his memories, from 1963 to 1971, telling it all about the 60's and the music world of that decade, in which he played an important role. He and Donovan met a few years before Donovan's success and they lived together, along with a large list of artists that also appear in the book, all the changes that the world went through during that time. This book is a must-have for any person interested in the 60's scene.

Stay alert, because new chapters are coming soon, from 1971 onwards, with more exciting stories.

Gypsy Dave, in his Greek house in Paros, presenting his book, Knights Of The Road (from Gyp Mills Sculptures Youtube Channel):

[Source: Gyp Mills Official Website, Gyp Mills Youtube Channel]

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