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Donovan at Calma Estudis, Mallorca(11/12/2009)

Donovan has spent the last few days in Mallorca, Spain, working with his producer Josep Umbria at Calma Estudis, finalizing details of the Ritual Groove album, which will come out next year. A great world tour is preparing.

Donovan has been working at Calma Estudis the last three years (where he recorded his new single, The Banks O'Doon) and their team worked with Donovan in the Ritual Groove concert in Monterey, California, last May 29. They created the visual and audio programmings at the studio, and Josep Umbria went to California to supervise the rehearsals and produce the live concert.

Donovan is very active in the present, and he still got intact the spirit of the 60's.

[Source: Donovan Facebook, Calma Estudis News]

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