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Veronica's Flickr on Don's Facebook & Twitter(07/01/2010)

We're very proud to announce Donovan has added a link to our pictures of the Donovan Days on flickr from his official Facebook and Twitter. We travelled all the way from Spain to Ireland, we were fortunate to attend every event and to take these pictures. Donovan Days was a festival that took place in Ballyjamesduff and Virginia, County Cavan, Ireland, from July 9th to 12th, 2009. The purpose was to honor the phenomenon of Donovan and all his work, his influences, his roots, his art… Four days dedicated entirely to him. Luckily Veronica wrote down every detail she could see during those wonderful days on her trip diary. We'll add it as soon as we have it typed on the computer, so that everyone can have an idea of what the festival looked like through the eyes of a fan. See Donovan Days brochure here.

[Source: Donovan Facebook, Donovan Twitter]

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