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First Donovan online concert(24/01/2010)

Today Donovan offered his first online performance, the charity concert 'Donovan & Friends', which was broadcasted live via his official website throughout the world, thanks to the technical support of BT and TV1.EU. It was a two-part acoustic show, with old hit songs, one never recorded (The Promise) and one new (Refugee Of Love) from his next album, Ritual Groove. There were also two encores in which Donovan was accompanied by Jakob Haas on cello, of the Munich Symphony Orchestra. In the break of the sold-out concert they offered a series of interviews with people from the audience, personalities from the organizations supporting the event (betterplace.org, TV1.EU, BT and others) and even Linda Lawrence, Donovan's wife. Both parts were introduced by a host, the second presentation including a short film about stress in schools, featuring David Lynch. The set list was as follows:

First part:

01. The Enchanted Gypsy

02. Catch The Wind

03. To Try For The Sun

04. Ballad Of Geraldine

05. Universal Soldier

06. The Little White Road

07. Jennifer Juniper

08. Donna Donna

09. Colours

Second part:

01. Sunshine Superman

02. Sunny Goodge Street

03. Guinevere

04. Wear Your Love Like Heaven

05. Refugee Of Love

06. Josie

07. Season Of The Witch

08. Sand And Foam

09. The Promise

10. Happiness Runs

11. Isle Of Islay

12. Mellow Yellow


01. Lalena (with Jakob Haas on cello, of the Munich Symphony Orchestra)

02. Atlantis (with Jakob Haas on cello, playback ending)

[Source: Donovan Official Website]

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