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New sections on Donovan official website(09/02/2010)

Two new sections have been added to Donovan's official site: Store and Events.
The Store offers a range of merchandise, from clothing (T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, bags and accesories) to DVD's, Donovan's autobiography and albums. This section is organized in four different sub-stores: America, Europe, International and German.
The Events section is a list of upcoming shows and concerts that will be updated regularly with more performances. There are three new concerts scheduled (along with the Acoustic Festival of Britain that we announced in the last news):

· 26/02/2010: La Cave Aux Poètes, a concert hall created in 1993 by a group of artists, musicians and photographers, dedicated to the diffusion of culture.

· 07/08/2010: 11th Festival du Bout du Monde, one of the most important festivals of world music in Presqu'ile de Crozon, France Bretagne.

· 05/09/2010: 5th Moseley Folk Festival, in Birmingham, England. A young folk festival being held in a beautiful park.

[Source: Donovan Official website]

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