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Gypsy Dave: The Interview (by Andrew Morris)(11/03/2010)

Andrew Morris has published the first part of his interview with Gypsy Dave in his blog about Donovan. Gypsy talks about his recent autobiography Knights Of The Road, of which he has written 19 chapters so far; you can buy it in PDF format at his website. He explains that he's on chapter 22 now and preparing more chapters for Davy McGowan to edit. Davy McGowan, creator and editor of the Get Thy Bearings fanzine about Donovan, was the editor of the first 19 chapters of Gypsy's book. You can write questions for Gypsy Dave in the comments on Andrew's blog, and he'll try to include them in the next part of the intervew.
Read the first part of the interview here.

[Source: Andrew Morris blog]

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