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Special concert in Santa Ynez (CA)(14/03/2010)

Donovan gave a special concert on March 10th at The Maverick Saloon, a small venue in Santa Ynez, California. The concert was part of the Tales From The Tavern series and it wasn't announced on Donovan's official website nor on his social profiles: only on The Maverick Saloon and Tales From The Tavern websites. It looks like it was a very special, intimate and exclusive performance.

Donovan is in California at the moment, rehearsing for the David Lynch Foundation Benefit Concert, at the El Rey Theatre on March 19th, which will be broadcast on DLF.TV at 10:00 pm PST (read our previous news for more info).

[Source: The Maverick Saloon website, Tales From The Tavern website]

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