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Donovan & Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies(29/03/2010)

Gibson.com published an article last Friday about Alice Cooper's album Billion Dollar Babies, mentioning Donovan's superb contribution singing co-lead vocals on the title track with Vincent Damon Furnier (who soon would take the band's name for himself). At the beginning of the 1970's glam rock ruled the musical scene in the UK, with T. Rex, Alice Cooper and David Bowie at the top of the charts. Some of them said Donovan was a major influence in their music. These circumstances probably marked the direction that Donovan's album Cosmic Wheels would have. As an example of this, Alice Cooper was recording the album Billion Dollar Babies in the same studio where Donovan was recording Cosmic Wheels. The guitarist Michael Owen Bruce suggested that Donovan could sing on the title track. Donovan agreed and the resulting song made the album reach #1 in the US. Donovan's different stylings during this song are terrific and it's a unique oportunity to hear him singing lyrics like "I'm so scared your little head will come off in my hands" (although, weird as it may sound, he used to write and illustrate his own horror stories when at St. Audrey's Secondary School in Hatfield). Those days also saw some jam sessions with Donovan, Alice Cooper, members of The Who, Blind Faith and other musicians, all of them supposedly recorded (although they were probably very drunk).

Here are some pictures of Donovan and Alice Cooper in the studio!

Read the article here.

[Source: Donovan Facebook, As I Recall It. The Life & Music Of Donovan (by Rolf Goodwin)]


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