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New single: I Am The Shaman(14/04/2010)

Today Donovan released a new single called I Am The Shaman, from his next and eagerly awaited album Ritual Groove. The song comes out on Donovan's label Donovan Discs, available only on the iTunes Store, and was produced by his friend David Lynch in his Hollywood music studio (as Donovan claimed in a previous interview on March 19th with Mike Ragogna for The Huffington Post).

The lyrics talk about Lorelei, a mythical goddess that appeared in the Clemens Brentano poem Zu Bacharach am Rheine in 1801. Lorelei is a 120 meters rock on the eastern bank of the Rhine in Germany. Strong currents and dangerous rocks by Lorelei have caused lots of boat accidents over the years. Those currents also create a murmuring sound that Lorelei echoes, as an amplifier (the name Lorelei literally mean "murmur rock" or "murmuring rock"). These sounds inspired tales and poems about an enchanted female who draws the attention of the sailors causing their ruin.

I Am The Shaman represents this myth submerging the listener into an enveloping atmosphere of echoes, distant sounds, background murmurs... all mixed with evocative melodies, semi-autobiographical lyrics, rhythm guitars, and strong orchestration, leading to a very Lynchian chorus.

If this is a small piece of the Ritual Groove then we can't wait to hear the rest!

You can download the from iTunes.

[Source: Donovan website]

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