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Govinda Gallery Sapphographs online catalog(27/05/2010)

To celebrate Donovan's Sapphographs exhibition on June 1st at the Hellenic American Union in Athens, Greece, Govinda Gallery is publishing its first online catalog: Sapphographs: Donovan, featuring essays by Center for Hellenic Studies director Gregory Nagy, exhibition curator Chris Murray and a preface with a poem by Donovan. Enjoy the catalogue here.

The art team Revolver will display a multimedia installation which will allow spectators to experience the Sapphographs in 3D (you can watch a preview of the multimedia installation here).

This exhibition is the centerpiece of the SapphoFest 2010, going on June 1st and 2nd in Athens at the Hellenic American Union and June 4th, 5th and 6th in Nafplio at the Center for Hellenic Studies, which will include a series of lectures, poetry readings, dance and theatre performances. Donovan's Sapphographs are printed in a monumental scale: produced at master printer David Adamson's studio, Sappho's Song, for example, is twelve feet long. The SapphoFest program includes an Opening reception for Donovan: Sapphographs, featuring a brief talk by Donovan and a performance of his song Be Mine.

[Source: Govinda Gallery, Hellenic American Union]

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