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HMS Donovan available on iTunes(05/08/2010)

Donovan's 1971 album HMS Donovan has just been published today in digital format, available to download from the iTunes store. This is the second release of Donovan's 70's archive.

The first ideas for this album can be heard on January 1969's Post Card sessions, when Donovan was with Mary Hopkins and Paul McCartney at Abbey Road studios in London. There we can already find The Unicorn, Mr. Wind and parts of The Walrus And The Carpenter. In fact, HMS Donovan was recorded before Open Road in the same studio (Morgan Studios) but was rejected by CBS and released by Dawn after Open Road.

The artwork of the album was created by John Byrne, aka Patrick, who also animated a cartoon movie called Old Fashioned Picture Book, inspired by HMS Donovan and including songs from this album. Only a short length pilot was made and the full film never was finished. More info about this project here.

The album HMS Donovan can be downloaded here.

We will be posting dates and information of next releases as we know them.


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