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Cosmic Wheels available on iTunes(19/08/2010)

Donovan's 1973 album Cosmic Wheels has just been published today in digital format, available to download from the iTunes store. This is the third release of Donovan's 70's archive.

At the beginning of the 1970's glam rock ruled the musical scene in the UK, with T. Rex, Alice Cooper and David Bowie at the top of the charts. Some of them said Donovan was a major influence in their music. These circumstances probably marked the direction Cosmic Wheels would have. Donovan's wife, Linda, was very interested in astrology at that time and was a big influence on this album.
The cover design was credited to John Kosh and Donovan, and Tony Evans took the front photo. Inside there's a copy of The Flammarion woodcut (an anonymous wood engraving) with the note "Get your cosmic crayons, kids and colour in" and a round poster of Donovan with spots of star-shaped lights over his naked torso.

The album Cosmic Wheels can be downloaded here.

We will be posting dates and information of next releases as we know them.


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