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Essence To Essence available on iTunes(03/09/2010)

Donovan's 1973 album Essence To Essence was published yesterday in digital format, available to download from the iTunes store. This is the fourth release of Donovan's 70's archive.

The album was criticized as a failure, but many of the songs became a very important part of Donovan's live shows in the 70's and the 80's.
The artwork was designed by John Kosh and Donovan, and Tony Evans took the photographs. The front cover shows Donovan kneeling, in a white background, dressed with white clothes, like meditating. In the inside, there are two more images, with Donovan almost in the same position, but bowing his head each time a bit more until he appears in a total bow on the back cover. The whole process is like he was doing a gentle bow.

The album Essence To Essence can be downloaded here.

We will be posting dates and information of next releases as we know them.


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