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Special gift to celebrate Donovan Unofficial 1st anniversary!(12/11/2010)

It's been a year already since we started Donovan Unofficial!

To celebrate this day we would like to please you with three incredible gems found by our friends Karen Schwartz & Mike Zarro: three of Donovan's first performances on Ready Steady Go! in 1965!!

Even before his first single, Donovan came to fame with a series of live performances on the ITV show Ready Steady Go!, a very popular music show in the mid-60's in UK. Now, thought to be lost forever, we can listen to three of these performances! These tracks were recorded holding a microphone next to the TV set, and have been transferred from the old reel-to-reel tape, so the sound quality is not perfect. But you can listen to an 18 years old Donovan and appreciate his early talent for songwriting and singing.

Hit Parade (never heard in 45 years!): it seems Donovan wrote the song a few minutes before the show, looking at that week's chart. So, judging from the lyrics, this song must be from show #82 of Ready Steady Go! (19th February 1965) since The Kinks were #1 that week, but this is unclear.

Talkin' Pop Star Blues: from show #80, 5th February 1965.

Universal Soldier: from show #108, 20th August 1965.

Alternative players:

Hit Parade:

Talkin' Pop Star Blues:

Univeral Soldier:


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