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Two new singles released(13/12/2010)

· On December 3rd, Donovan Discs released the single Christmas Time Is Here Again, a duet that Donovan wrote with his mother-in-law Violetta (Violet Lawrence). Only available as a digital download through iTunes, all proceeds will go to Barnardo's, a children's charity from Ireland. The song, with lyrics by Violetta and music by Donovan was recorded in Fiona Studios, Fermoy (Ireland) and was produced by Brian O'Reilly, featuring Lili Inch and the Ballyhass School Choir. The song also features Donovan doing an impression of Santa Claus. Apparently, this is the last of seven songs recorded by Donovan with Violetta.

· On December 8th the second single from Ritual Groove was released: Save The World. Written more than 11 years ago (there's a 1999 video of Donovan performing Save The World in front of some Japanese fans) the single is available only on iTunes. Released on the 30th anniversary of Lennon's death and presented as a tribute to him, this song has a very "Lennonish" or "Beatlesque" style. Donovan stated: «it is as if John wrote this song through me. I wondered what would John write about now. I picked up the guitar and this very 'John Lennon style' song came to me. It feels like John wrote it». All proceeds from the single will go to the David Lynch Foundation.

[Source: Donovan website]

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