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Ritual Groove VideoFest deadline re-extended(10/03/2011)

Donovan's team has extended yet again the deadline for the Ritual Groove VideoFest until March 31, 2011. They have detailed other information: it is open only for non-professional contestants and there will be 3 winners, chosen by a panel of which only one member is known (Rick Nathanson, producer). The original deadline was January 31 and it has been already extended once, to February 28, probably due to lack of participation. Now, with another extension, there are 18 contestants in the race for the triple prize: a trip to Hollywood with Donovan during his birthday week in May 2011.

If you wish to participate just produce a video for one of the songs of Ritual Groove (except I Am The Shaman) and submit it as a video reply to this video. The winners will be announced on April 15.

[Source: Donovan official website]

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