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Shawn Phillips to join Donovan at Royal Albert Hall concert(16/04/2011)

Shawn Phillips has announced in his official website that he will accompany Donovan in his Sunshine Superman album 45th anniversary concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London, on June 3.

Shawn Phillips collaborated in many Donovan albums as a session musician: he appeared in Fairytale (1965) playing 12-string guitar on Summer Day Reflection Song and Jersey Thursday. This album also included a version of his song The Little Tin Soldier. In late 1965 Shawn Phillips joined Donovan in his first USA tour, and again in February 1966 (when they appeared on Pete Seeger's TV show, Rainbow Quest). During that USA tour they wrote together most of the material soon to be included in Sunshine Superman, where Phillips played sitar in several songs. Later on, in January 1967, Shawn Phillips was part of the backing group for Donovan's first concert at the Royal Albert Hall. He also appeared in the Mellow Yellow album, March 1967, playing sitar in Sunny South Kensington.

Shawn Phillips was the first musician to introduce sitar to pop music world, even teaching George Harrison to play it. He also was a major influence in Donovan's work, specially in Sunshine Superman, so it's good news to know he's reuniting with Donovan to celebrate the 45th anniversary of this fascinating album.

[Source: Shawn Phillip's website, Reverbnation]

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