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Donovan to appear on Taratata (France TV)(19/04/2011)

It's just been announced that Donovan will appear on Taratata, France's most famous music TV, on May 17h (France TV 4) and again on May 20th (France TV 2, rerun). This show will feature other celtic-style musicians: Nolwenn Leroy, Andrea Corr (of The Corrs), Merzhin and Alan Stivell. List of performances:

  • Nolwenn Leroy: Tri Martolod
  • Nolwenn Leroy & Andrea Corr: Woman Of Ireland
  • Andrea Corr: Tinseltown In The Rain
  • Donovan: Medley
  • Merzhin: L'√©tincelle
  • Merzhin: The Partisan
  • Alan Stivell: Brittany's
  • Nolwenn Leroy & Donovan: Blackbird

The show will be broadcast online on Taratata's website. Here's the teaser of the show, which has been already recorded:

Rehearsals (image published on Taratata's Facebook on March 28th). Click on the image for more info:

May 17: France 4, 10:15pm CEST (Central European Summer Time) +0200 UTC.
May 20: France 2, 00:40am CEST, +0200 UTC.

[Source: Taratata's website, Donovan's website]

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