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August 13, 1967

Windsor, England, UK

7th National Jazz and Blues Festival

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· Donovan performed on Sunday 13th, from 4:15 PM to 5:30 PM.

· The 7th National Jazz and Blues Festival was held at Royal Windsor Racecourse, 11th, 12th and 13th August 1967. Artists appearing included Cream, Jeff Beck, Fleetwood Mac, Donovan, Small Faces, The Move, Paul Jones, Eric Burdon, Amen Corner, John Mayall, Denny Laine, PP Arnold & The Nice, Arthur Brown (whose flaming helmet went out of control until doused by a pint of beer!), The Syn, The Nite People, Marmalade, Tomorrow, Timebox, Zoot Money, Ten Years After, Al Stewart, Picadilly Line, Alan Bown, Blossom Toes and The Pentangle.

· It was a joint presentation of the National Jazz Federation and the Marquee Club.

· The stage was a cubic futuristic design that, unfortunately, collapsed and had to be propped up with scaffolding. This was the only year that this type of stage was used.

· The programme for Sunday 13th (the day that Donovan performed) said:
"Sunday afternoon is proportionately divided between singers from England, Scotland and Ireland. The songs they will sing cover a wide area ranging from folk ballads, through the blues, to the more poetic pop. Most of the afternoon will be devoted to the varied talents of the Sunshine Superman - Donovan, with an accompanying orchestra, this session will parallel, in many ways his highly successful concert earlier this year at the Royal Albert Hall and his short season at the Saville".

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