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March 10, 2010

Santa Ynez, California

The Maverick Saloon

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Set list:

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We do know that Donovan sang 25 songs.

Review by Teresa McNeil MacLean:

March 10th, 2010, 7:30 PM: for a couple of hours, Donovan mesmerized us in a small packed venue (The Maverick Saloon) in Santa Ynez, CA, filled mostly with Tales From the Tavern series ticket holders (I'd claimed my usual front row seat). Tickets sold out almost immediately, though I know some heard early on from friends who'd gotten the initial email, and drove in from LA, Ventura, and SLO Counties for the show (perhaps farther). The Tales audience is a very respectful listening audience. We listened and sang along when we couldn't help it, and when Donovan invited us to. Most of us knew most of the words to all the songs that weren't new, though there were a few sons & daughters there for whom all was new. A fun, wonderful evening, with autographs & conversations after. (Thank you Ron and Carole Ann Colone for setting this up, and Donovan for coming to our little valley!).


· This special concert was part of the Tales From The Tavern series, a series of performances being held at The Maverick Saloon.

· It wasn't announced in any of Donovan's official websites nor on his social profiles, so it was a very special and exclusive event.

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