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June 3, 2011

London, England

Royal Albert Hall

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Set list:

Act 1:

01. Catch The Wind

02. Colours

03. To Try For The Sun

04. Universal Soldier


05. Sunny Goodge Street

06. Epsitle To Dippy

07. Wear Your Love Like Heaven

08. Jennifer Juniper


09. Hurdy Gurdy Man

10. Barabajagal

11. There Is A Mountain

12. Mellow Yellow


13. Lalena


Act 2:

14. Sunshine Superman

15. Legend Of A Girl Child Linda

16. Three King Fishers

17. Ferris Wheel

18. Bert's Blues

19. Season Of The Witch

20. The Trip

21. Guinevere

22. The Fat Angel

23. Celeste


24. Atlantis


25. Sunshine Superman (reprise with orchestra)

26. Mellow Yellow (reprise with orchestra)

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· Donovan was accompanied by some of the original musicians of the album: Shawn Phillips on sitar and guitar, Danny Thompson on concert bass and John Cameron conducting the London Contemporary Orchestra and writing new arrangements, as well as playing harpsichord and piano. Jimmy Page was a surprise guest, playing electric guitar on Sunshine Superman and both reprises.

· Astrella Celeste sang on Legend Of A Girl Child Linda and the 3 encores. She also hosted the event, presenting Donovan at the beginning and reading parts of his father's musical carreer between each segment of the concert.

· Donovan Leitch Jr., sang on The Trip and the 3 encores.

· Donovan's wife, Linda, joined Astrella and Donovan Jr. to sing on the reprises.

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