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...you're my singer, let me be your song...




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Side 1:
01. Local Boy Chops Wood

02. Astral Angel

03. The Light

04. Dare To Be Different

05. Brave New World

Side 2:
06. Lady Of The Stars
07. The International Man
08. Sing My Song
09. Maya's Dance

10. Kalifornia Kiddies

All songs by Donovan P. Leitch.

Released: August 1977

Recorded: 1977

Label: Arista AB 4143

Country: USA

Format: vinyl LP

Producer: Mickie Most


Billboard: ?

Cash Box: 6 weeks, #138

Record World: 4 weeks, #167


· Donovan: vocals, acoustic guitar, mouth harp.

· Isaac Guillory: guitar.

· Ronnie Leahy: keyboards.

· Nick South: bass.

· Colin Allen: drums.

· Patrick Halling: violin.

· John Cameron: horn arrangements, string arrangements.

· Chris Norman: background vocals.

· Alan Silson: background vocals.

· Terry Uttley: background vocals.

· Chris Blair: mastering.

· Charlie Watts: mastering.

· Doug Hopkins: engineer.

· Tim Summerhayes: engineer

· Wolfgang Thierbach: engineer

Singles out of this album:

· Dare To Be Different/The International Man

· The Light/The International Man

· Sing My Song/Dare To Be Different


· The last album that Donovan made under the label of Epic Records was Slow Down World, in 1976. It achieved poor success and the contract was not renewed. For his new album, Donovan contacted his old producer, Mickie Most, who had created Rak Records in the UK. The album was distributed in the US by Arista Records.

· This album features a contemporary sound, without the beautiful ballads that appeared in previous albums (except for Maya's Dance). Despite these changes the album did not chart neither in the US nor in the UK and Donovan didn't release another album in the US until 1984.

· The three background singers (Chris Norman, Alan Silson and Terry Uttley) were members of the band Smokie, who had great success in the 70's.

· The photography was taken by Gered Mankowitz and the front cover was designed and produced by Cream.

· The International Man is listed on the back cover as International Man.

· Local Boy Chops Wood was dedicated to Brian Jones (and, eventually, other musicians who died tragically during those years).

· Astral Angel was partly dedicated to Gram Parsons.

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