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The Light

Music and lyrics by Donovan P. Leitch

I died
And I sighed as the chains of the flesh left me
As the moans and the groans of the friends sent me
On my way to the Land of the Dead

I flashed
That my soul was unharmed as my Earth form I shed
That the image of death had been a thought in my head
And the truth is a spirit, am I?

I sussed
That my life had been a lesson chosen by me
For to purify my thought, that I may be
Worthy to shine forth the Light

The Light!
The Light!
The Light!

As I moved ever up-ward a great Light there came
More feeling than seeing and it filled me with shame
Like a bright shining mirror reflecting my being
My present condition of soul I was seeing...

I beheld
Forms of great beauty and they shone forth the Light
With love vibes they met me, and they cast off my fright
Those great souls of ages long passed

I praised
The great souls of the ages who care for our needs
They lovingly nurture wisdom's bright seed
Growing the way to the Light

I ached
For the womb and the Earth and another time around
Seeking circumstances the best that can be found
To give me the lessons to learn

I was born
And thru childhood my soul still remembered the Light
And thru teens I fought fiercely for my vision of the Light
When I saw Mum and Dad had forgot

The Light!
The Light!
The Light!

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