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...you're my singer, let me be your song...




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Love Is Only Feeling

Side 1:
01. Lady Of The Flowers

02. Lover O Lover

03. The Actor

04. Half Moon Bay

05. The Hills Of Tuscany

Side 2:
06. Lay Down Lassie
07. She
08. Johnny Tuff
09. Love Is Only Feeling

10. Marjorie Margerine


All songs by Donovan P. Leitch.

Released: October 1981

Recorded: 1981

· Utopia Studios


Label: RCA PL 28472

Country: Germany

Format: vinyl LP

Producer: Donovan P. Leitch

Chart: ?


· Donovan: vocals, acoustic guitar, 12 string guitar and arrangements.

· Danny Thompson: double bass and arrangements.

· Tony Roberts: clarinet, flutes, piccolo, oboe, tenor sax and arrangements.

· John Stevens: drums, percussion and arrangements.

· Astrella C. Leitch: vocals in Love Is Only Feeling. Backing vocals in Johnny Tuff.

· Oriole, Harriet and Amanda: backing vocals in Johnny Tuff.

Singles out of this album:

· Lay Down Lassie/Love Is Only Feeling

· Love Is Only Feeling/Marjorie Margerine


· This is the second album that Donovan recorded for the German label RCA. It was released in the UK two years after, in 1983, and wasn't released in the US. The sound of the album returns to his early 70's style, with romantic and beautiful ballads.

· The title Love Is Only Feeling is taken from the lyrics to Someone Singing, a song from his 1967 album A Gift From A Flower To A Garden which Donovan covered in this album. The cover version was entitled Love Is Only Feeling as well.

· Donovan's daughters, Astrella and Oriole, sing in this album. Both of them sing backing vocals in Johnny Tuff but Astrella plays a more important role singing a duet with her father in Love Is Only Feeling. Further more, Astrella appears on the back cover wearing a white shirt, like Donovan on the front cover.

· On the back cover there's a little message from Donovan: "Thanks to all at UTOPIA".

· Also on the back cover, along with the musicians and sound technicians, there's a line that reads: "Donovan appears by courtesy of the Lady of the Flowers".

· Peter Walsh was the engineer of the recording sessions.

· Will Thorpe designed the cover concept and the photographies were taken by Alex Henderson. The tipography was made by Bob Cocker.

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