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The Best Of Donovan

Side 1:

01. Universal Soldier
02. Colours
03. Catch The Wind
04. Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
05. The Little Tin Soldier

Side 2:
06. Tangerine Puppet
07. Donna Donna
08. Candy Man
09. Jersey Thursday
10. Ballad of Geraldine

All songs by Donovan P. Leitch, except 01 by Buffy Sainte-Marie, 05 by Shawn Phillips, 07 by Aaron Zeitlin, Sholom Secunda, Arthur S Kevess, Teddi Schwartz, and 08 traditional arragend by Donovan P. Leitch.

Released: November 1969

Label: Hickory LPS 149

Country: USA

Format: vinyl LP


Billboard: 08/11/1969

7 weeks, #144

Record World: 10 weeks, #122


· Responding to the success of Donovan's Greatest Hits, Hickory Records released another compilation with the title The Best of Donovan, it assembled several of Donovan's Pye recordings.

· The front cover has a psychedelic artwork, that fit pretty well with Donovan's image by then, rather than his old image as a folk singer.

· Though the collection presents some material in stereo for the first time, a technical flaw was also present. The pitch on several tracks appears to 'wind up to speed', because of the way the transfer machine handled the source tape's banding.

· The Little Tin Soldier is listed as Little in Soldier.

· Donna Donna is listed as Dona Dona.

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