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A Well Known Has-Been/Dark-Eyed Blue Jean Angel

Side A:

A Well Known Has-Been

Side B:
Dark-Eyed Blue Jean Angel

All tracks by Donovan P. Leitch.


· Donovan: vocals, acoustic guitar and mouth harp. Horn arrangement on track 01.

· Phillip Donnelly: rhythm electric guitar on track 01.

· Wilton Felder: bass on track 01.

· Dave Hungate: bass on track 02.

· Jim Keltner: drums.

· Emil Richards: percussion and talking drum on track 01

· Bobbye Hall: shakers and conga on 01.

· B. J. Coop: vocal back-up on track 01.

· Donny Gerrard: vocal back-up on track 01.

· Ed Whitting: vocal back-up on track 01.

· Africa: vocal back-up on track 01.

· Doug Davis: cello and arrangement on track 02.

· Tom Scott: recorder and arrangement on 02. Tenor sax on 01.

· David Foster: piano, clavinet and horn arrangement on track 01. Piano, arp woodwinds and arrangement on track 02.

· Jay Graydon: arp programmed on track 02.

· Chuck Findley: slide trumpet and flugel horn on track 01.

· Lew McCreary: trombone on track 01.


· The cover that appears here is the Spanish version, and so it has the title translated.

Released: March 1975

Recorded: Mar/Oct 1965

· Peer Music

Denmark St, London

Label: Pye PY 12083

Country: France

Format: vinyl single

Producer: Donovan P. Leitch

Chart: ?

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