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...you're my singer, let me be your song...




Salvation Stomp/Moon Rok

Side A:

Salvation Stomp

Side B:
Moon Rok

All tracks by Donovan P. Leitch.


· Donovan: vocals, acoustic guitar, mouth harp and bass.

· Reggie Young: electric guitar.

· Teddy Erwin: electric guitar on track 02.

· Johnny Christopher: rhythm guitar.

· Norbert Putnam: bass.

· George Red Callender: string bass on track 01.

· Kenneth Buttrey: drums and percussion.

· Earl Palmer: drums and percussion on track 01.

· David Paul Briggs: keyboards.

· Mike Melvoin: keyboards on track 01.

· Harvey Thompson: horns.

· Harrison Calloway: horns.

· Ben Cauley: horns.

· Charlie Rose: horns.

· Ronnie Eades: horns.

· George Bohannon: horns on track 02.

· Tony Terran: horns on track 02.

· Johnny Rotellaon: horns on track 02.

· Buffy Sainte-Marie: background vocals.

· Ginger Holladay: background vocals.

· Mary Holladay: background vocals.

· Lea Jane Berinati: background vocals.

· Florence Warner: background vocals.

· Byron Warner: background vocals.

· David Paul Briggs: string arrangement.

· Sheldon Kurland: concert master.

Released: March 1975

Recorded: Sep/Oct 1974

· Quadraphonic studios

Nashville, TN

Label: Epic EPC 3038

Country: Germany

Format: vinyl single

Producers: Donovan P. Leitch

Norbert Putnam

Mark Radice

Chart: ?

Alternate French cover

Alternate Dutch cover

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