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...you're my singer, let me be your song...



Ghost Of Pagan Song

Music and lyrics by Donovan P. Leitch

All was darkness streaked with light
Thunder giants made their fight
The wild wind set the rain in flight
On fair Kilkunerly

All along the lonely road
Swollen bird and stream that flowed
Fortunately within a bod
On fair Kilkunerly

As I sat cloaked beneath a yew
A horseman black flashed into view
Born upon the wind he flew
On fair Kilkunerly

How could he know I crouched there low
But as he neared his pace did slow
The wind made move and moved me so
On fair Kilkunerly

He checked his rein and silent stood
I stared about his faceless hood
He spoke and how the sound felt crude
On fair Kilkunerly

"I am the Ghost of Pagan Song
That ye have wished to know so long
I am the secret seed of song
Ask of me what thou wilt"

I stood beneath the lonely tree
The wind and rain they lashed at me
I felt no fear to turn and flee
From fair Kilkunerly

"I want to know the song of trees
The symphony born on the breeze
That I may set sweet nature free
All this pray tell to me"

"I want to learn the melody
That fills the clouds and moves the sea
The tune that draws the Moon to me
All this pray tell to me"

"What strings are plucked beneath the ground
The harmony and rhythmic sound
That wheel the four great seasons round
All this pray tell to me"

"I want to harmonize with stars
And weave creation 'tween the bars
And guide with song celestial cars
All this pray tell to me"

"I want to heal disharmony
And smooth with pleasant melody
One with god's sweet song to be
All this pray tell to me"

The stallion pawed the rocky floor
The thunder cracked, the rain did pour
I drew my cloak about me more
On fair Kilkunerly

"You wished to know the song of trees
Then listen long to trees", said he
"Set the song within you free
Command and it shall be"

"You wished to know the secret song
That moves the flowing water along
Then hark to rivers ancient song
And changing melody"

"What strings are plucked beneath the mound
Awake the seeds to break the ground
No question asked, no answer found
Young man, now list to me"

The shade he laughed with a bitter scorn
"Sweet starry youth I would thee warn
Many are to unfulfillment born
Perhaps this lot for thee"

"You are not real", I smiling said
"You are a fear and shadow made"
A bolt of lightning struck the shade
From fair Kilkunerly

I woke from cracked and windy dreams
The storm had passed me by, it seems
The dawn approached a streak of green
On fair Kilkunerly

Between the banks the river flowed
The Sun upon the mountain glowed
I up and took me to the road
From fair Kilkunerly
From fair Kilkunerly
From fair Kilkunerly
From fair Kilkunerly
From fair Kilkunerly
On fair Kilkunerly
From fair Kilkunerly...

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