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...you're my singer, let me be your song...





01. Watching The Sun Go Down
02. Moon Over Clare

03. Glasgow Town

04. The Ferryman's Daughter

05. Ghost Of Pagan Song

06. Where Are You Now

07. Living On Love

08. Madrigalinda

09. Lake Isle Of Innisfree

10. I Love You

11. Wahine

12. Down By The Harbour

13. Against Your Will

14. Rock Me

15. Lover O Lover

16. Awakening Year

17. Everlasting Sea

All songs by Donovan P. Leitch, except 09 words by William B. Yeats, music by Donovan and 10 by Patrick Hehir and Donovan.

Released: 2002

Recorded: February 1990

Sulan Studios, Ireland

Label: Durga Records


Country: Ireland

Format: CD

Producer: Patrick Hehir

Chart: -


· Donovan: acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals.

· David Gilmour: guitar.

· Nigel Kennedy: violin.

· Sharon Shannon: box accordion and fiddle.

· Noël Bridgeman: congas, drums and percussion.

· Anthony Thistlewait: mandolin and slide mandolin.

· Colin Blakey: whistles and flutes.

· Eleonor McIvoy: violin and backing vocals.

· Maire Bhretnach: violin, celtic strings, backing vocals and electric violin.

· Dan Fitgerald: tambourine.

· Steeve Cooney: bass, didgeridoo, lead acoustic guitar, bass and finger picking guitar.

· Mandy Murphy: backing vocals.

· Astrella Celeste: spoken.


· Celtia is an unreleased album that was recorded around 1990. There's no record of this album until 2003, in issue number 17 of Pat Hehir's fanzine, Donovan's Friends. Suddenly, in that year of 2003 the album is supposed to be on sale, under the fictitious Durga Records label.

· There's no reliable proof about this fact, and there is no evidence that Durga Records ever released Celtia, you run into the same story over and over again on the Internet when looking for information about this album, which is probably based on Pat Hehir's statements in Donovan's Friends. It's more likely that this was another of Pat Hehir's bootleg releases, masqueraded as an official release, as it was only available through the fanzine and Pat Hehir's website. This was not the first time that Mr. Hehir did that, as he did the same with One Night In Time and Greatest Hits Live: Vancouver 1986. Donovan didn't get a single penny for any of this albums.

· According to Pat Hehir, after the disappointment of One Night In Time not being released, he took Donovan to Ireland to start a new project: Celtia. Hehir and Donovan went into Sulan studios, in southern Ireland, with a bunch of magnificent but not very known musicians, to join Donovan. Like in the old times, it took them just eight days to record the whole album. These songs were more rehearsal songs never intended for issue, until Hehir decided otherwise.

· It was arranged by Maire Bhretnach and engineered by Dan Fitgerald.

· The Ferryman's Daughter was first recorded around 1968, this early version was included on Disc 3 of 2005 magnificent compilation Try For The Sun: The Journey Of Donovan. The first time this song ever appeared on a Donovan record was for the album Live In Japan: Spring Tour 1973.

· An earlier version of Madrigalinda was recorded for 1980 album Neutronica.

· Lover O Lover was originally released on the album Love Is Only Feeling, and later re-recorded for the Beat Café album in 2004.

· Everlasting Sea was later re-recorded and included on the album Sutras.

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