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Donovan renews his website(31/12/2009)

The Donovan official website has been updated in content, style and structure. A new front page opens with the Donovan Head icon and a few guitar chords. The colours and the design resemble the ones used in the previous version of the website, predominantly white and yellows turning into reds. The new sections are Home (last news), Lifeline (a short biography), News (news archive), Music (Donovan's discography), Photos and Links. The blog has disappeared but you can find links to his profiles in the social web. Now the users can leave comments in many sections. All of this is part of the renewal movement along with the Ritual Groove album and world tour promotion.


Also today, the Donovan Official Youtube Channel has published a promoting video for the Sunshine Superman: The Journey Of Donovan DVD. This video had already appeared on Youtube on September 2008.

[Source: Donovan official website, Official Donovan Youtube Channel]

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