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A Boy Called Donovan

Watch it here: part 1, part 2, part 3

Date: January 19, 1966

Country: UK

Songs performed:

01. Running From Home
02. The Little Tin Soldier
03. To Try For The Sun
04. Josie
05. Belated Forgiveness Plea
06. Catch The Wind
07. Ballad Of Geraldine
08. Ballad Of A Crystal Man
09. Summer Day Reflection Song
10. Colours
11. Circus Of Sour

12. Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)


· Documentary showed on British TV in January 1966.

· It shows Donovan's life before becoming famous, when he was busking and living in Saint Ives with his friend Gypsy Dave. And then when the fame came in with Ready Steady Go!

· Donovan and his friends are seen smoking marihuana, very shocking for its time. This warned the police to keep him under surveillance, and ended up arresting him for drugs possession in mid-1966.

Don't Look Back

Date: May 17, 1967

Country: USA

Songs performed:

01. To Sing For You


· Don't Look Back is a documentary directed by D.A. Pennebaker about Bob Dylan's 1965 England Tour.

· There's a scene showing Donovan listening to his single Catch The Wind playing on the background.

· There's another scene where Dylan argues with a drunken guy about a glass thrown out of a window. Donovan offers himself to help, probably to stop the discussion, which seems to get pretty ugly.

· Donovan sings To Sing For You for Bob Dylan. Dylan says «Hey, that's a good song» while Donovan is still singing. When Donovan finishes singing he asks Dylan to play It's All Over Now Baby Blue.

· Donovan designed many of the artwork cards for Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues video.

· Dylan mentions Donovan several times during the film:

- He asks Alan Price «Who's this Donovan?», Price tells him he's a good guy and a better guitar player than him. Dylan says he wants to meet him.

- When Albert Grossman (Dylan's Manager) asks Dylan if they mail to him an award he has been recently given, Dylan tells him «I don't even want to see them. Tell them to give it to Donovan». Then he opens a newspaper and says «Donovan, Donovan, our next target. He's our target for tomorrow».

- In the car Dylan asks Donovan's manager tour, Fred (who was also Dylan's) about Donovan's tour: «Uh, not so good», Fred says, Bobby Neuwirth (Dylan's friend) laughs. Dylan lights a cigarette and turns to the window, saying nothing.

- Before the last concert Dylan talks to Neuwirth in the backstage and asks «Donovan out there?» to what Neuwirth replies «Hey, I can't see him… people like Donovan… they look just like ordinary… everybody… out there». Dylan says nothing.

- Dylan also mentioned Donovan in one of his concerts while he was singing Talking World War III Blues.


Photo album

Date: December 5, 1967

Country: USA

Songs performed:

01. Colours (with Joan Baez)
02. The War Drags On (fragment)

03. Ballad Of A Crystal Man (fragment)


· Festival! is a documentary film about the Newport Folk Festival (1963-1965), directed by Murray Lerner.

· It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

· Besides Donovan, the film includes performances by artists such as Joan Baez, Bob Dylan or Peter Paul & Mary.

The Beatles In India (uncertain title)

Date: February 1968

Country: Italy

Songs performed:

01. When The Saints Go Marching In
02. You Are My Sunshine
03. Jingle Bells
04. She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain
05. (Untitled Instrumental)
05. Blowin' In The Wind
06. Hare Krishna Mantra

07. Catch The Wind


· Documentary aired on the Italian TV in February 1968, about the Beatles journey to India to study Meditation. Donovan was also there, with other artists like Mike Love (from The Beach Boys), Mia Farrow and her sister Prudence, Patty Boyd and Jennifer Boyd.

All My Loving

Date: November 3, 1968

Country: UK

Songs performed:

01. The Lullaby Of Spring


· Directed by Tony Palmer, All My Loving: a film of pop music is a 1968 documentary about pop music.

· Besides being interviewed about pop music, Donovan sings The Lullaby Of Spring with Harold McNair on flute.

· There are many other musicians in the film such as Eric Burdon, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, The Who, Frank Zappa…

There Is An Ocean

Date: 1970

Country: UK

Songs performed:

01. Sailing Homeward
02. Two Types Of People
03. Sailing Homeward
04. The Pee Song
05. The Very Thing
06. The Garden
07. Electric Moon
08. Barabajagal Came To Blythe Fair
09. Gas
10. Two Days Late
11. Sailing Homeward
12. Your Love Is Taking Me Higher
13. Riki Tiki Tavi
14. When The Big Moon Rise + Moon Dance
15. Twist And Shout
16. The Little White Road
17. Donovan: The Journey To Ithaca by Constantine Cavafy
18. There Is An Ocean


Try For The Sun: The Journey Of Donovan Box Set version:
01. Sailing Homeward (Part 1)
02. Two Types Of People
03. Donovan talk: we're come to Greece to make music…
04. Donovan talk: let me stand here…
05. Sailing Homeward (Part 2)
06. Donovan talk: where are we…
07. Donovan talks about a tiny village
08. Untitled Song preceding The Pee Song
09. The Pee Song
10. The Very Thing
12. The Garden
13. Electric Moon
14. Donovan talk: these magic Greek islands…
15. Gas
16. Donovan talk: when I was in Athens…
17. Barabajagal Came To Blythe Fair
18. Sailing Homeward (Part 3)
19. Riki Tiki Tavi
20. When The Big Moon Rise
21. Happy Birthday To Us
22. Untitled Jam
23. Moon Dance
24. Donovan: The Journey To Ithaca by Constantine Cavafy
25. There Is An Ocean


· A home-made video of Donovan, family and friends from Open Road band, sailing through the Greek Isles, directed by Nigel Lesmoir.

· This film was released on the Try For The Sun: The Journey Of Donovan Box Set (Epic/Legacy E2K 46986) in 2005.

The Magic Fox Film

Watch it here!

Read Ade Macrow's article about this film

Date: 1973

Country: Japan

Songs performed:

01. Opening/Yellow Star
02. Tinker Tune
03. Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
04. Sailing Homeward
05. Cosmic Wheels
06. Sadness

07. Happiness Runs


· These performances were filmed during the 1973 Japan Tour.

Aliens from Spaceship Earth

Watch part of it here!

Buy this movie at www.UFOTV.com

Date: 1978

Country: USA

Songs performed:

01. Children Of The World
02. Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth
03. Universe Am I
04. There Is An Ocean
05. The Mountain
06. The Quest


· Producer Don Como chose Donovan as a narrator in this film about the gurus, people who can use more of their capabilities than the rest of humans, thanks to meditation.

· The Eastern figures that appear in the documentary are Guru Maharaji (the Perfect Master of the Divine Light Mission), Satya Sai Baba (from whose community a spiritual melody was taken and adapted by Donovan to become High Your Love from the album Sutras), Swami Satchidananda, Yogi Bha Jan, Baba Muktananda and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

· Donovan narrates and presents this world of gurus. He appears singing, walking along beaches and deserts, meditating, holding a live snake...

· The soundtrack contains alternative, solo versions of six of his songs, recorded at A&M Studios.

· The title is inspired by the part of the movie which features Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Guru Ma) of the Summit Lighthouse, through whom Ascended Masters (immortal beings who have mastered time and space and have ascended from earth to a higher being) dictate messages to save humanity from destruction.


· As I Recall It. The life & music of Donovan (Rolf Goodwin, 2009)

*Thanks to Paul for the present!

A Dream Of Kabul

Date: 1996

Country: Germany

Songs performed:

01. Interview


· A Dream of Kabul is a documentary by Wilma Kiener and Dieter Matzka.

· This documentary shows a sociological insight into an unknown, but strong movement of the youth at the start of the seventies.

· Donovan appears along other personalities like Timothy Leary, Julie Driscoll, Bommi Baumann, Johannes Schaaf, Embryo…

Bob Sirott Interview

Date: 1997

Country: UK

Songs performed:

01. Introduction by Bob Sirott
02. Interview: Ready Steady Go!
03. Catch The Wind on RSG! (Part)
04. Interview: comparison to Bob Dylan
05. Interview: smoking banana peels
06. Interview: verse for Yellow Submarine
07. Interview: Hurdy Gurdy Man Sessions & Led Zeppelin

08. Interview: pretty heavy for a young kid


· Bob Sirott interviews Donovan.

Donovan Live In Der Hamburger, Fabrik

Date: February 2, 1997

Country: Germany

Songs performed:

01. Wear Your Love Like Heaven
02. Universal Soldier
03. Catch The Wind ('72 Musikladen)
04. Atlantis ('68 Beat Club)
05. Only The Blues ('73 Musikladen)
06. Eldorado
07. Give It All Up
08. Universe Am I
09. Sunshine Superman
10. Mellow Yellow
11. Season Of The Witch
12. There Is A Mountain

13. Sleep


· Aired in 1997 on German TV.

· Donovan is interviewed between the songs.

In Search Of The English Folk Song

Date: 1997

Country: UK

Songs performed:

01. Nirvana


· In Search Of The English Folk Song is a music documentary directed by Ken Russell.

I Was Born In Portland Town

Watch it here!

Date: 2005

Country: Belgium

Songs performed:

01. Derroll Adams influence on Donovan

02. Epistle To Derroll


· Documentary about banjo player Derroll Adams, directed by Patrick Ferryn.

· Donovan talks about how Derroll influenced and taught him guitar techniques. And how he came up with the song Epistle To Derroll when he was unable to visit Derroll at his home in Belgium.

Incontri Donovan

Date: September 7, 2005

Country: Italy

Songs performed:

01. Donovan talks: Yoga and Meditation
02. Donovan talks: Don's father, roots
03. Sunshine Superman (a bit from a 1980's concert)
04. Donovan talks: troubadour
05. Part of an interview from late-60's or early-70's about the protest song
06. Donovan talks: drugs and spirituality
07. Lalena (a bit from a 1980's concert)
08. Donovan talks: meditation and India
09. Donovan talks: Hurdy Gurdy Man and vibrato
10. Hurdy Gurdy Man (a bit from a 1980's concert)
11. Donovan talks: jazz
12. Mellow Yellow (a bit from a late-1990's or early-2000's concert)


· Interview for the Italian TV at Casa del Mantegna, in Mantova, Italy, due to the annual Literary Festival.

· Between the interview there are images of Donovan in India and concerts in Italy.

*Thanks to Massimo Cavezzali for the information.

Sunshine Superman: The Journey Of Donovan

Released: 2008

Label: SVP 78657

Country: worldwide

Format: DVD

Chapters list:


DVD 1: The Film
01. Intro
02. Childhood
03. Early Influences
04. Starting To Write Music
05. Gypsy Dave
06. Beat Poets
07. St. Ives
08. Going Professional
09. Breakthrough
10. Catch The Wind
11. Dylan vs. Donovan
12. Newsreel
13. First Live Performance
14. Pop & Protest
15. Newport Festival
16. Pete Seeger & Derroll Adams
17. Sunshine Superman
18. Drugbust
19. Mellow Yellow
20. Popart & Fashion
21. Wear Your Love Like Heaven
22. Romantic Poet
23. Free Love
24. With The Beatles In India
25. Hurdy Gurdy Man
26. Happiness Runs
27. Guitar Maker
28. Barabajagal
29. Atlantis
30. Hollywood
31. Isle Of Wight
32. Open Road
33. Breakdown
34. Meeting The Muse
35. Desert Days
36. Music For The Big Screen
37. Touring In The '70s
38. Falling Apart
39. Coming Home To Ireland
40. The Sutras Experience
41. Spirituality And India
42. With The Eyes Of A Child
43. A Surprise Visit
44. New Collaborations
45. Birthday Bash
46. On The Road Again
47. End Credits
48. David Lynch


DVD 2: Bonus Footage
01. Danny Ferrington Guitar Maker
02. Desert Days: Joshua Tree & Gram Parsons
03. The Story Of Lalena
04. Interview John Cameron
05. Cosmic Wheels In Joshua Tree
06. Universal Soldier
07. Isle Of Islay
08. Catch The Wind (A Go Go - 1965)
09. Sunny Goodge Street, Sweden (1966)
10. Give It All Up (Jules Holland - 1996)
11. Sunshine Superman (videoclip)
12. Wear Your Love Like Heaven (short film)
13. Hurdy Gurdy Man (videoclip)
14. In An Old-Fashioned Picture Book (short film)
15. Yellow Star
16. Cosmic Wheels
17. Colombus Stockade Blues (Hans Theessink, Arlo Guthrie & Donovan)
18. Refugee Of Love
19. The Olive Tree
20. I Don't Know (Short Version)
21. Refugee Of Love (Studio Version)
22. Jennifer Juniper (BBC Concert)
23. Mellow Yellow (BBC Concert)
24. There Is A Mountain (Kodak Theatre)
25. Sunshine Superman (Kodak Theatre)
26. Colours (Kodak Theatre)
27. Jennifer Juniper (Kodak Theatre)
28. Season Of The Witch (Superjam At The Cutting Room, New York, 2008)
29. Sapphographs (Song: Be Mine)
30. Don's Basement
31. Donovan's Father Reads Poems
32. Maharishi Award
33. Doctor Of Letters
34. Donovan University And David Lynch

35. Donovan's Family Album


· Sunshine Superman: The Journey Of Donovan is a film documentary directed by Hannes Rossacher.

· Donovan is interviewed, along with other people related to him (Gypsy Dave, Linda Lawrence, John Cameron, Danny Ferrington…).

· The film duration extends to 3 hours and the bonus footage to 2 hours and a half.


· This DVD includes a lot of unreleased material, such as the cartoon video In An Old-Fashioned Picture Book, directed by Donovan, Patrick and Tony Benedict, or the short film directed by Karl Ferris Wear Your Love Like Heaven.

· The bonus footage contains new Donovan's songs previously unreleased: Refugee Of Love, The Olive Tree and I Don't Know.

Interview In Swedish TV (unkown title)

Date: 2008

Country: Sweden

Songs performed:

01. Sunshine Superman (video clip)
02. The 60's
03. Universal Soldier (part from some gig)
04. Catch The Wind (Live, part)
05. Celeste (footage from the 60's, part)
06. Donovan's father and poetry
07. Gypsy Dave
08. Colours
09. Universal Soldier
10. Falling in love with Joan Baez
11. Sunny Goodge Street (footage from the 60's, part)
12. Meeting Mickie Most
13. Flower Power
14. Teaching John Lennon finger picking
15. The Hurdy Gurdy Man
16. Kelly, the Irish guitar

17. Universal Soldier (part from the same gig before)


· Interview aired on Swedish TV in 2008.


Date: February 19, 2009

Country: UK

Songs performed:

01. Donovan's father reading poetry.
02. The Brave Engineer (first Donovan's song, live)
03. On the Road by Jack Kerouac
04. Gypsy Dave/Runaway to St Ives
05. St. Albans/Cops 'n Robbers/Tin Pan Alley/Brian Jones
06. Ready Steady Go!
07. First single Catch The Wind
08. We'll sing in the sunshine (part)
09. Catch The Wind (live)
10. Comparisons with Bob Dylan/Bohemian Manifesto
11. Writing Catch The Wind/Love Me Do by The Beatles
12. Working/Organization/Albums vs. singles or EP's
13. Experimentation/Hey Gyp
14. Meeting Mickie Most and John Cameron
15. Sunshine Superman (live)
16. Linda Lawrence/Love triangle
17. Sunshine Superman not release/Drug Bust/Greece
18. Writing Mellow Yellow/New Orleans
19. Mellow Yellow (live)
20. Hurdy Gurdy Man/Vibrato
21. Hurdy Gurdy Man (live)
22. Season Of The Witch/Bert Jansch
23. Season Of The Witch (live)
24. Season Of The Witch/Drug bust
25. Back to Greece/Tax exile/Open Road/collapse

26. Back to England/Meeting Linda again


· Donovan is interviewed by Will Hodgkinson.

· Sky TV.

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