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New Festival date: St. Ives September Festival(29/05/2010)

It has just been announced that Donovan will appear at the St. Ives September Festival, on Thursday 16th September. Donovan has a special connection with St. Ives: he lived there as a young beatnik in the early 60's with his old friend Gypsy Dave. The ITV documentary A Boy Called Donovan was filmed there in late 1965 recreating his experiences a few years before. Now Donovan returns to St. Ives to play at this old Festival (32th edition this year) that lasts 15 days (September 11-25) and includes a range of arts from Music (including Folk, Jazz, Rock, Classical and World) to Poetry, Film, Talks and Books. Donovan will be supported by singer/songwriter Kirsty McGee. You can buy tickets (£25) here.

[Source: St. Ives September Festival]

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