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The Donovan Archive: 70's albums released(17/07/2010)

Donovan has just announced the release of his 70's albums as part of his "digital strategy": The Donovan Archive (which started in 2004 with the release of the album of demos Sixty Four by Donovan Discs) will continue as digital download with all his albums from the 1970 decade, Open Road being the first of them. A less-known era in Donovan's career but with magnificent recordings will be published by Donovan Discs and available to download from July 22, with a new album every two weeks, until Winter 2010. Bearing in mind that Donovan released 8 official albums in this era, the 70's Archive will probably include rare and previously unpublished recordings.

We will be posting dates and information of each release soon.


[Source: Donovan Official website]

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