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TV Broadcast of the Royal Albert Hall concert(15/12/2011)

The Royal Albert Hall concert, which took place on June 3, 2011 in London, UK, will be broadcast on Vintage TV (SKY 369, FREESAT 515) in two parts:

· Donovan Performs Sunshine Superman (9:30pm, December 16)

· Donovan's Greatest Hits at the Royal Albert Hall (7:30pm, December 18)
Press piece from Donovan's office:

Donovan at the Royal Albert Hall on Vintage TV this Christmas

Donovan will perform his  classic album Sunshine Superman and all his Greatest Hits on Vintage TV this December 2011.
The London Contemporary Orchestra, conducted by John Cameron (original Donovan arranger), will be joined by special guests Jimmy Page, Danny Thompson, Shawn Phillips, Astrela Celeste (Donovan's daughter) and Donovan Leitch Jr (Donovan's son).
The concert will be broadcast in two parts, Donovan Performs Sunshine Superman on December 16th and Donovan's Greatest Hits at the Royal Albert Hall on December 18th.
Donovan says "It was a lifelong wish to perform my album Sunshine Superman one day with all the sounds, and last year my Linda and I celebrated our Ruby Anniversary. I asked her what she wanted to do, she said our album at the Albert Hall".
Donovan has also recently been confirmed as one of the latest inductees into the The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame stating 'Donovan single-handedly initiated the Psychedelic Revolution with his album Sunshine Superman'.
With its sitars , harpsichords, Jazz & Rock combos, poetry, and classical music fusions, Donovan heralded the Sixties to come.
The album was made in late 1965 early 1966, a whole year before The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's".
Tune in to see why this album, and his Greatest Hits continue to inspire.

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