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...you're my singer, let me be your song...




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Side 1:
01. Rock And Roll Souljer

02. Your Broken Heart

03. Salvation Stomp

04. The Ordinary Family

05. Ride-A-Mile

06. Sadness

Side 2:
07. Moon Rok
08. Love Of My Life
09. The Voice Of Protest
10. How Silly
11. The Great Song Of The Sky

12. The Quest

All songs by Donovan P. Leitch.

All songs produced by Norbert Putnam, except: 03, 04 and 11 produced by Donovan P. Leitch, Norbert Putnam and Mark Radice.

Bonus tracks from other reissues

Rock And Roll Souljer (Single Version)

Salvation Stomp (Single Version)

Age Of Treason

What The Soul Desires

All bonus tracks by Donovan P. Leitch, except: What The Soul Desires, music by Donovan lyrics by Augusta Theodosia Drane (not credited).

Released: November 1974

Recorded: Sep/Oct 1974

· Quadraphonic studios

Nashville, TN

Label: Epic PE 33245

Country: USA

Format: vinyl LP

Producers: Donovan P. Leitch

Norbert Putnam

Mark Radice

Chart: -


· Donovan: vocals, acoustic guitar, mouth harp and bass.

· Reggie Young: electric guitar.

· Teddy Erwin: electric guitar on tracks 02 and 07.

· Johnny Christopher: rhythm guitar.

· Norbert Putnam: bass.

· George Red Callender: string bass on track 03.

· Kenneth Buttrey: drums and percussion.

· Earl Palmer: drums and percussion on track 03.

· David Paul Briggs: keyboards.

· Mike Melvoin: keyboards on track 03.

· Mark Radice: keyboards on track 04.

· Harvey Thompson: horns.

· Harrison Calloway: horns.

· Ben Cauley: horns.

· Charlie Rose: horns.

· Ronnie Eades: horns.

· Bill Puett: horns on track 10.

· George Tidwell: horns on track 10.

· George Bohannon: horns on track 03.

· Tony Terran: horns on track 03.

· Johnny Rotellaon: horns on track 03.

· Buffy Sainte-Marie: background vocals.

· Ginger Holladay: background vocals.

· Mary Holladay: background vocals.

· Lea Jane Berinati: background vocals.

· Florence Warner: background vocals.

· Byron Warner: background vocals.

· David Paul Briggs: string arrangement.

· Glen Spreen: string arrangement on track 04.

· Sheldon Kurland: concert master.

Singles out of this album:

· Rock And Roll Souljer/How Silly

· Salvation Stomp/Moon Rok


· The album was conceived to be the musical part of a stage performance.

· The title is a pun on "seventies".

· Although 7-Tease reached better success than his previous album, Essence To Essence, it remained not very well known for the public and Donovan's popularity continued to decline.

· Donovan, talking about the little success of 7-Tease in later interviews, said that he got into the studio with the same approach as when he recorded his top-chart albums, with the same idea of produce fine quality music. The audience didn't respond the same way, but time has proven him right, because nowadays 7-Tease is considered a gem and as good as any album of that decade recorded by any other 60's artist.

· There's a lot of 60's nostalgia in this album, when young people thought they could end the war, change the world and make it a better place.

· The Ordinary Family is an autobiographical song. All the things that Donovan says in the lyrics seem to be true, as he describes them in his autobiography The Hurdy Gurdy Man.

· The Voice Of Protest includes a line going "all on her starry way", a direct reference to The Voyage Of The Moon from his album HMS Donovan.

· How Silly features almost the same melody as A Funny Man from his album HMS Donovan.

· The Great Song Of The Sky features almost the same melody and structure in the verses as Only The Blues, from his album Cosmic Wheels.

· In the version of Rock And Roll Souljer that appeared on the Repertoire Records reissue, you can hear Donovan saying "baby" at 01:42, which is not on the original release. That word also appears on the single version on that reissue.

· The single version of Salvation Stomp has the same length than the album version, and there's no difference between them.

· Age Of Treason and What The Soul Desires first appeared in 1992 in the CD Box Set Troubadour: The Definitive Collection 1964–1976.

· Age Of Treason is another autobiographical song where Donovan tells his life from his childhood.

· The lyrics to What The Soul Desires are based on a poem by Augusta Theodosia Drane (1823-1894), but she's not credited anywhere.

· The photographies and artwork were designed by Tom Wilkes Productions, Inc.

· The front cover shows a very romantic image, with Donovan holding his wife Linda on the edge of a castle, at a national park in California. The Donovan's logo of that time appears in the top right hand side. The back cover shows Donovan with his wife Linda and an unkown woman, and a little comment by Donovan: "This album was made in Nashville and showcases the talents of some of the greates recording musicians in the world today. I am proud to know them. Special thanks to Norbert Putnam for producing this album in three weeks".

· Also on the back cover, after all the information of the session musicians and engineers, there's a little message dedicated to the people at Quadraphonic Studios, that reads: "Thanks to all Quad's children".

· In the inside there's another message from Donovan that begins: "This tale is for us all to see what were the Greater Thoughts of the Sixties...".

· The album features the backing vocals of Buffy Sainte-Marie. Donovan recorded two of her songs, Universal Soldier, which was a hit in 1965, and Co'dine, a demo that was first released on the Troubadour compilation in 1992.

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