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Brother Sun Sister Moon

01. The Little Church
02. The Lovely Day
03. Lullaby
04. Brother Sun Sister Moon
05. A Soldier's Dream
06. Shape In The Sky
07. Gentle Heart
08. The Year Is Awakening
09. Island Of Circles
10. The Lovely Day (Instrumental)


All songs by Donovan P. Leitch.

Released: April 17, 2005

Recorded: 2004

Label: Donovan Discs

Country: worldwide

Format: iTunes download

Producers: -

Chart: -


· Donovan: acoustic guitar and vocals.


· In 1972 Donovan composed and recorded some songs for Franco Zeffirelli's movie Brother Sun Sister Moon. Along with the movie a soundtrack was released, but only contained orchestral songs by Riz Ortolani: some of them didn't even appear in the movie and some of them were versions of Donovan's original songs, without any mention to his authority. The songs composed by Donovan that appeared in the movie had incredible success and many a Donovan's fan asked for the release of the original studio recordings, as a proper soundtrack album. Over the years, Donovan talked about releasing the real soundtrack but this never happened, as Gulf/Paramount wouldn't grant the permission for the original songs to be issued.

· In 2005, after trying to acquire the rights to the original recordings and realizing that it would be very difficult due to the contract, Donovan recorded new versions of the songs and released them on the Internet, only through the iTunes Music Store. The new versions doesn't have orchestral or choral accompaniment and feature Donovan playing guitar and singing solo.

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