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Film credits

Brother Sun Sister Moon

(Original title: Fratello Sole Sorella Luna)

Photo album: the recording of the soundtrack

Release date: March 3, 1972 (Italy)

Director: Franco Zeffirelli

Tracks (as they appeared in the film):

01. A Soldier's Dream
02. Lullaby
03. Brother Sun Sister Moon (theme)
04. Lovely Day
05. Bread (orchestral version)
06. Brother Sun Sister Moon (theme)
07. Brother Sun Sister Moon
08. Brother Sun Sister Moon (theme)
09. The Little Curch (a capella version)
10. Brother Sun Sister Moon (theme)
11. The Little Church (theme)
12. Lullaby
13. Giving (uncertain title)
14. The Little Church
15. Shape In The Sky
16. Brother Sun Sister Moon


  • · In 1972, along with the movie, a soundtrack was released as an LP (Paramount/EMI 3C 064 93393), but it was only Riz Ortolani's rejected orchestral songs (that weren't released in the film), although it also contained orchestral versions of Donovan's original songs without any mention to his authority. Riz Ortolani wasn't credited in the film's titles.
  • · Riz Ortolani's soundtrack was reissued on his own label in 1980 on vinyl (Ricordi ORL 8482) and in 1989 (with the Italian title Fratello Sole Sorella Luna) on CD (Ricordi CDOR 8482). The CD covers credited the music as "composed" by Ortolani, which was not true
  • · The songs composed by Donovan that actually appeared in the movie had incredible success and many a Donovan's fan asked for the release of the original studio recordings as a proper soundtrack album, but Gulf/Paramount, the producers of the film, inexplicably didn't grant permission for the songs to be issued. In spite of that Donovan always wanted to release it, first on his failed label Donovan Records, and later on Donovan Discs, but this never happened.
  • · The current Donovan Discs CD of Brother Sun Sister Moon it's an attempt of Donovan to please the great number of fans that have asked for a release of the original studio recordings. As this had proved impossible, in 2005 he recorded new versions of the songs and released them on the Internet, only through the iTunes Music Store. The new versions doesn't have orchestral or choral accompaniment and feature Donovan playing guitar and singing solo.
  • · Over the years bootlegs of the movie versions and demos of the songs have appeared, often with different names (as the original songs were never released and the original titles were unknown). Thus, A Soldier's Dream was usually listed as Lazy Day, as On That Long-ago Lazy Day or as Suffering; Lullaby as Nun's Lullaby or as Mother's Love; Shape In The Sky as Mercy; The Little Church as Day By Day (If You Want To) or as Joy; Giving as Bread (although this title is uncertain).
  • · The credits of the film lists: "words and music composed and sung by Donovan" and "music co-ordinated, arranged and conducted by Ken Thorne".

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VHS cover 01

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VHS cover 02

VHS back and cover 02

Film credits

The Pied Piper

Photo album

Release date: May 25, 1972 (USA)

Director: Jacques Demy

Tracks (as they appeared in the film):

01. Riding Homeward

02. People Call Me The Pied Piper
03. What A Waste Of Time To Be Unhappy (title uncertain)
04. The film features seven orchestral themes


  • · Donovan played the main character of the movie, The Piper.
  • · The tagline of the movie was:

    «Come children of the universe

    let Donovan take you away, far far away»

  • · No album was ever released of the original studio recordings. Allegedly, Donovan stopped the release of the soundtrack when he learned that some of the songs he had composed especially for the film were not to be included in it. However, Donovan usually talked about releasing the soundtrack as one of the first albums of his failed label, Donovan Records (but this never happened).
  • · Riding Homeward was re-recorded as Sailing Homeward for the 1973 album Essence To Essence.
  • · People Call Me The Pied Piper was re-recorded for the 2002 album Pied Piper. This recording has the same chorus as the version of Land Of Windy Wander that Donovan sings in the film with the children.
  • · The credits of the film list the music as "composed and sung by Donovan" and "arranged and conducted by Kenneth Clayton".
  • · In the early 90's Irish RTE Radio produced a radio play of The Pied Piper in which Donovan was deeply involved, playing again the role of The Piper, in a much more Celtic way. A bootleg acetate version of the radio play soundtrack contained the following tracks:
    Side 1:
    01. La Moora (with orchestra)
    02. La Moora (instrumental)
    03. Pied Piper Overture
    04. Sailing Homeward
    05. Away In A Manger (instrumental)
    06. Once In Royal David's City (instrumental)
    07. Good King Wenceslas (instrumental)
    Side 2:
    08. Sailing Homeward
    09. Sometimes I'm Lonely
    10. People Call Me The Pied Piper
    11. Land Of Windy Wander (a capella)
  • · The Irish radio play soundtrack version doesn't include other songs that actually appeared in the original film, like What A Waste Of Time To Be Unhappy. There are three instrumental versions of christmas carols, Away In A Manger, Once In Royal David's City and Good King Wenceslas that the children of Hamelin were intended to sing.

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