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Atlantis Calling

01. Lady Of The Stars*
02. I Love You*
03. Bye Bye Girl*
04. Every Reason*
05. Season Of The Witch*
06. Boy For Every Girl*
07. Local Boy Chops Wood*
08. Sunshine Superman*
09. Living For The Love Light*
10. Till I See You Again*
11. Universal Soldier
12. Colours
13. Jennifer Juniper
14. Catch The Wind
15. Hurdy Gurdy Man
16. Sadness
17. Cosmic Wheels
18. Atlantis
19. Wear Your Love Like Heaven
20. To Susan On The West Coast Waiting
21. Young Girl Blues

All songs by Donovan P. Leitch, except 11 by Buffy Sainte-Marie.

*The first 10 tracks are the Lady Of The Stars album.

Released: 1999

Label: Rockartoon 5212

Country: ?

Format: CD

Chart: ?


· In 1999, Rockartoons released a compilation combining the Lady of the Stars album and the live album Rising. The first 10 songs are exactly the track list from the Lady Of The Stars album.

· The liner notes erroneously claim the concert is 1973 live album Live In Japan: Spring Tour 1973.

· Boy For Every Girl is listed as For Every Boy There Is A Girl.

· Living For The Love Light is listed as Living For The LOve Light In Your Eyes.

· Till I See You Again is listed asTill I See You Again (Maria).

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