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Summer Day Reflection Songs

Disc 1

01. Catch The Wind (Single Version)
02. Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do
03. Josie
04. Catch The Wind (Album Verison)
05. Remember The Alamo
06. Cuttin' Out
07. Riding In My Car (The Car Song)
08. Keep On Truckin'
09. Goldwatch Blues
10. To Sing For You
11. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond
12. Tangerine Puppet
13. Donna Donna
14. Ramblin' Boy
15. Every Man Has His Chain
16. Colours (Single Version)

All songs by Donovan P. Leitch, except 05 by Jane Bowers, 07 by Woody Guthrie, 08 and 11 traditional arranged by Donovan P. Leitch, 09 by Mick Softley and 13 by Aaron Zeitlin, Sholom Secunda, Arthur S. Kevess and Teddi Schwartz.

Disc 2

01. Universal Soldier
02. Ballad Of A Crystal Man (Album Version)
03. The War Drags On
04. Do You Hear Me Now
05. Colours (Album Version)
06. To Try For The Sun
07. Sunny Goodge Street
08. Oh Deed I Do
09. Circus Of Sour
10. Summer Day Reflection Song
11. Candy Man
12. Jersey Thursday
13. Belated Forgiveness Plea
14. Ballad Of A Crystal Man (EP Version)
15. The Little Tin Soldier
16. Ballad Of Geraldine
17. Turquoise
18. Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)

All songs by Donovan P. Leitch, except 01 by Buffy Sainte-Marie, 03 by Mick Softley, 04 and 08 by Bert Jansch, 09 by Paul Bernath, 11 traditional arranged by Donovan P. Leitch and 15 by Shawn Phillips.

Released: April 25, 2000

Label: Castle Music/Essential


Country: UK

Format: CD

Chart: ?


· In 2000, Castle Records compiled all the songs Donovan recorded with Pye and released a double CD compilation tittled Summer Day Reflection Songs.

· It includes all of the tracks from What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid and Fairytale, as well as all of Donovan's Pye single recordings, B-sides and EP tracks.

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