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...you're my singer, let me be your song...




More reissues for this album

What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid

Side 1:

01. Josie
02. Catch The Wind
03. Remember The Alamo
04. Cuttin' Out
05. Riding In My Car (The Car Song)
06. Keep On Truckin'

Side 2:
07. Goldwatch Blues
08. To Sing For You
09. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond
10. Tangerine Puppet
11. Donna Donna
12. Ramblin' Boy

All songs by Donovan P. Leitch, except: 03 by Jane Bowers, 05 by Woody Guthrie, 06 traditional arranged by Donovan, 07 by Mick Softley, 09 traditional arranged by Donovan and 11 by Sholom Secunda and Aaron Zeitlin, translated by Arthur S. Kevess and Teddi Schwartz.

Bonus tracks from other reissues

Catch The Wind (Original Single Version With Strings)
Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do (Original Single B Side)
Every Man Has His Chain (Originally Released On A French EP)
Colours (Original Single Version With Harmonica On Bridge)

All bonus tracks by Donovan P. Leitch.

Released: May 14/21?, 1965

Recorded: Feb/Mar 1965

· Peer Music

Denmark St, London

Label: PYE NPL 18117

Country: UK

Format: vinyl LP

Producers: Terry Kennedy

Peter Eden

Geoff Stephens

Chart: 05/06/1965, 16 weeks
Reached #3


· Donovan: vocals, acoustic guitar and mouth harp.

· Brian 'Liquorice' Locking: bass.

· Skip Alan: drums.

· Gypsy Dave: kazoo on Keep On Truckin'.

Singles out of this album:

· Catch The Wind/Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do

· You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond/The Little Tin Soldier

· Donna Donna/Josie

· Josie/The Little Tin Soldier

· Remember The Alamo/Ballad Of A Crystal Man


· The album was first released in UK a few days after Donovan's 19th birthday.

· Donovan had been performing for a few months and was quite known in folk circles of the UK.

· In late 1964, Donovan was performing in the break of a concert of his friends' band the Cops 'N Robbers. Peter Eden and Geoff Stephens were there and after his performance they offered Donovan a recording contract with PYE Records. Donovan agreed and then puked over them. He recorded some demos at the end of 1964 before recording his first album in 1965.

· The single version of Catch The Wind and the songs Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do and Every Man Has His Chain were recorded in February 1965, in the basement of Peer Music studios, Denmark Street, in London's Tin Pan Alley. The sessions for the LP took place in March, in the same basement.

· Catch The Wind was Donovan's first single and first release. It was released after his third consecutive appearance on British TV music program Ready, Steady, Go!

· The single version of Catch The Wind featured the London Philharmonic Orchestra and was the A side to Donovan's UK debut single, Catch The Wind.

· Donovan has declared that Linda Lawrence (Brian Jones' ex-girlfriend and Donovan's current wife, who he married in 1970) was the true inspiration for Catch The Wind, even though he hadn't met her when he wrote it. In an 1989 interview with Dierdre O'Donoghue on KCRW Radio, in Los Angeles, Donovan said: «Catch The Wind, I wrote it for Linda, although I hadn't really met her yet. It is a song of unrequited love, yet I hadn't really met her, so how could I miss her? And I seem to write prophetic songs in the sense of the Celtic poet and I wrote this song before I met Linda, of a love I would like to have had and lost».

· Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do was the B side to Donovan's UK debut single.

· Every Man Has His Chain appeared in the Catch The Wind EP, released on April 1 only in France. Donovan talks to bassist Brian Locking at the beginning of this recording. The original title of this song appears to be Has Every Man His Chain.

· The US version of the LP was named Catch The Wind to match the single.

· At first Donovan was tagged as the "British Bob Dylan" by the press, which increased Dylan's interest in Donovan and invited him to his suite while he was in London, in May 1965. Donovan sang To Sing For You for Bob Dylan at the Savoy Hotel. This performance can be seen in D.A. Pennebaker's documentary Don't Look Back, about Dylan's tour in England in 1965. Both singers had the same influences and, eventually, they played in similar ways, although Donovan's guitar technique was more advanced than Dylan's. Through the years Donovan has experienced with a lot of different music styles that made him get away from the Dylan's tag. Still today, Dylan's tag is chasing Donovan, and there are lots of online discussions between Donovan's fans and Dylan's fans based on this documentary.

· Brian Locking (bass) was member of The Shadows since 1962-1963. Skip Alan (drums) was member of The Pretty Things.

· The back side of the sleeve included the lyrics for Catch The Wind and a little poem, Precious Little. The 2002 Castle Music reissue included notes written by Lorne Murdoch.

· Crowded House's frontman, Neil Finn, declared that the first album he bought, when he was twelve, was What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid, because he loved Catch The Wind, and he wrote a melody for the poem Precious Little.

· The version of Jane Bower's Remember The Alamo was for some reason listed in the back cover of the original release as The Alamo, but in some of the later reissues is listed correctly as Remember The Alamo.

· The same happens to the version of Woody Guthrie's Riding In My Car (The Car Song), which was listed as Car Car. In some of the later reissues is listed as Car Car (Riding In My Car) and other titles, including the correct one.

· Some of the later reissues list Goldwatch Blues as Gold Watch Blues.

· Some of the later reissues list Donna Donna as Dona, Dona. In the original release is incorrectly credited as traditional, but later reissues change the writers credits to "Aaron Zeitlin/Arthur S. Kevess/Sheldon Secunda/Teddi Schwartz/Sholom Secunda" or "Secunda/Zeitlin/Secunda".

· Some copies had misprints, like the title of the album What's Bin Did And What' Bin Hid on side 2, and the song Tangerine Puppett.

Liner notes

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