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NME Poll Winners Concert

Watch it here!

Date: April 11, 1965

Country: UK

Songs performed:

01. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond

02. Catch The Wind


· NME Concert in which played other bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks… and many more.

· Donovan was joined on guitar by his old friend Mac McLeod.

The Big TNT Show

Date: November 29, 1965

Country: USA

Songs performed:

01. Universal Soldier
02. Summer Day Reflection Song
03. Bert's Blues

04. Sweet Joy


· Recorded before a live audience at the Moulin Rouge club in Los Angeles, on November 29, 1965.

· Concert film directed by Larry Peerce and distributed by American International Pictures.

· Some of the performances were included on a video compilation from 1984 named That Was Rock a.k.a. The T.A.M.I. / T.N.T. Show.

· Donovan tries to introduce Joan Baez with a little poem among the screams of the audience.

French Pop Festival (uncertain title)

Date: November 24, 1966

Country: France

Songs performed:

01. Sand And Foam
02. Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
03. Guinevere
05. The Tinker And The Crab

06. Season Of The Witch


· Donovan performs backed up with a band.

· Harold McNair on flute.

Rome Pop Festival

Date: May 6, 1968

Country: Italy

Songs performed:

01. Lalena


· It took place at the Palazzeto dello Sport, in Rome.

· BBC2 aired the concert on May 18th.

· Besides Donovan there were other artists performing such as Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger, Pink Floyd, The Move or The Samurai.

Live At La Bussola, Viareggio, Italy

Date: July 25, 1970

Country: Italy

Songs performed:

01. Jennifer Juniper
02. Sailing Homeward
03. Electric Moon
04. Lalena
05. Ice Queen
06. Catch The Wind
07. There Is A Mountain
08. Mistaken Eternity
09. Season Of The Witch
10. Riki Tiki Tavi

11. I Don't See Anyone I Know


· Live at La Bussola, Viareggio, Italy.

· Donovan performs with the Open Road band, as a part of the Open Road tour.

· The Italian TV filmed the whole concert and aired it later on TV.

· See Concert Ticket.

· See Concert Details.

*Thanks to Massimo Cavezzali for the information.

Isle Of Wight Festival

Date: August 30, 1970

Country: UK

Songs performed:

Part 1. Donovan solo acoustic guitar:
01. Catch The Wind
02. Henry Martin
03. Sailing Homeward
04. The Pee Song
05. Hurdy Gurdy Man
06. Slow Down World
07. There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly
08. The Garden
09. How Silly
10. Get Myself Together
11. Atlantis
12. Ice Queen

Part 2. Donovan and Open Road:
13. Sand And Foam
14. There Is A mountain
15. Train Whistle Blues
16. Mistaken Eternity/Season Of The Witch
17. Poke At The Pope
18. Riki Tiki Tavi
19. No Time Passed

20. Mellow Yellow


· In March 7, 2005, a DVD with footage from the Festival was released, but it only features a small part of Catch The Wind.

Live At L'Olympia, Paris (uncertain title)

Watch it here!

Date: November 16, 1970

Country: France

Songs performed:

01. Interview
02. Isle of Islay
03. Sailing Homeward

04. Hurdy Gurdy Man


· Donovan plays alone with his guitar.

BBC Concert

Watch it here!

Date: 1972

Country: UK

Songs performed:

01. Jennifer Juniper
02. There Is A Mountain
03. Catch The Wind
04. The Ordinary Family
05. Lovely Princess
06. People Call Me The Pied Piper
07. A Well Known Has-Been
08. Happiness Runs
09. Colours
10. Sailing Homeward
11. Cosmic Wheels/Maria Magenta
12. The Pee Song

13. Mellow Yellow


· Recorded live in London for the BBC.

· This concert was released on DVD in September 2009 under the name Donovan: An Intimate Performance.

· On July 28, 2009, Golden Stars (GSS 5648) released a 3CD's box set named Live & In The Studio, which includes this concert as the third disc.

Chicago Soundstage

Watch it here!

Date: December 30, 1974

Country: USA

Songs performed:

01. Rock And Roll Souljer

02. Catch The Wind

03. Salvation Stomp

04. Lalena

05. How Silly

06. There Is A Mountain

07. The Ordinary Family

08. Travelling Light

09. Happiness Runs

10. Colours


· A must seen performance of Donovan's 7-Tease era. He performs several tunes from the aforementioned album: Rock And Roll Souljer, Salvation Stomp, How Silly (Donovan makes a superb acoustic version of this set of songs, which are played with a big band on the album), and the autobiographical The Ordinary Family.

· Donovan is joined on stage by John Sebastian and David Bromberg to play Travelling Light, a magnificent performance.


The Secret Policeman's Other Ball

Date: September 1981

Country: UK

Songs performed:

01. Sunshine Superman
02. Colours
03. Catch The Wind

04. I Shall Be Released (with the rest of musicians)


· The Secret Policeman's Other Ball was the fourth of the benefit shows staged by the British Section of Amnesty International to raise funds for its research and campaign work in the human rights field.

· It was the second of many shows to bear the celebrated Secret Policeman's title that became the iconic series known informally as The Secret Policeman's Balls.

· The show took place in London in September 1981. It was a successor to the 1979 show The Secret Policeman's Ball.

· Other musicians who performed at the show besides Donovan include Rowan Atkinson, Jeff Beck, Alan Bennett, John Bird, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Jasper Carrott, Graham Chapman, Eric Clapton, John Cleese, Phil Collins, Billy Connolly, John Fortune, Bob Geldof, Barry Humphries, Neil Innes, Chris Langham, Griff Rhys Jones, Alexei Sayle, Pamela Stephenson, Sting, Pete Townshend, John Wells and Victoria Wood.

· Donovan was accompanied by bass player Danny Thompson and performed Sunshine Superman, Mellow Yellow, Colours, Universal Soldier and Catch The Wind.

· When Donovan first appeared on the stage, one audience member yelled at him «I thought you were dead!» to which Donovan responded «Not yet!».

· The concert was released on video and audio in 1982 with the name The Secret Policeman's Other Ball. Although you can also find a version of the Audio CD with the title The Secret Policeman's Concert.

Live In Glasgow (unkown title)

Date: 1981

Country: UK

Songs performed:

01. Mellow Yellow

02. Sunshine Superman

03. She

04. Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)

05. Universal Soldier

06. Jennifer Juniper

07. There Is A Mountain

08. Love Is Only Feeling (with Astrella)

09. Neutron

10. Catch The Wind

11. The Heights Of Alma

12. Season Of The Witch

13. Colours

14. Mellow Yellow (with band and Astrella)


· Aired on Scottish TV.

The Donovan Concert Live In L.A.

Released: 2008

Recorded: January 21, 2007, Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles.

Label: MVD visual MVDV4592

Country: worldwide

Format: DVD

Chapters list:

01. Introduction by David Lynch
02. There Is A Mountain
03. Catch The Wind
04. Colours
05. To Try For The Sun
06. Happiness Runs
07. Universal Soldier
08. Jennifer Juniper
09. Dream
10. Sunshine Superman
11. Young Girl Blues
12. Season Of The Witch
13. Hurdy Gurdy Man
14. Mellow Yellow


Bonus Songs:
15. Lalena
16. Sand And Foam
17. There Is An Ocean
18. The Illusion


All songs by Donovan P. Leitch, except track 07 by Buffy Sainte-Marie and track 09 by Astrella Celeste.


· Donovan: guitar, vocals

· Astrella Celeste: vocals on Dream, background vocals on The Illusion and Mellow Yellow

· Tom Mansi: concert bass

· Stewart Lawrence: percussion

· Mike Love: background vocals on Mellow Yellow


· David Lynch introduces the concert.

· Donovan performs some of the songs sitting cross-legged upon a platform over the stage.

· Mike Love makes a surprise appearance to sing Mellow Yellow.


· The concert was held to benefit the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace. Through the Foundation, David Lynch, Donovan and Donovan's wife Linda are introducing the stress-reducing Transcendental Meditation technique to students worldwide.

· On the back cover of the DVD: To Try For The Sun is listed as Try For The Sun, Jennifer Juniper is listed as Jenifer Juniper, Lalena is listed as Lalena and Sand And Foam is listed as Sand And Foam (Mexico).

Sounds Of Our Times

Date: January 31, 2008

Country: USA

Songs performed:

01. Mellow Yellow

02. Season Of The Witch


· This concert was episode #1 in a series of charity-based shows called Sounds Of Our Times. This series was inspired and co-created by Donovan.

· It was recorded live on the 31st of January 2008 at The Cutting Room in New York.

· Donovan was joined by a large list of musicians: Richard Barone, Will Lee, Jimmy Vivino, Jerry Vivino, Jack Petruzzelli, Steve Holley, Julia Kent and Donovan's longtime percussionist John 'Candy' Carr. Garth Hudson of The Band is prominently featured from a few minutes during Season Of The Witch.

· The guest of the show, in this case, Donovan, chooses a charity, adhering to the guidelines established by the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Donovan chose Drukpa Trust to raise money for the building of a school for the children of the Himalayas.

· The programs were hosted by Donovan's daughter, Astrella Celeste, and radio personality Reverend Greg.

· Season Of The Witch is included as an extra in the DVD Sunshine Superman: The Journey Of Donovan.

Premio Caruso: Beatles Tribute Concert

Date: July 20, 2008

Country: Italy

Songs performed:

01. All You Need Is Love
02. Dear Prudence
03. Norwegian Wood

04. While My Guitar Gently Weeps


· These performances are part of a Beatles Tribute Concert in Sorrento, Italy.

· It was aired on the Italian TV channel Rai Uno.

Label Suisse Festival

Date: September 19-21, 2008

Country: Switzerland

Songs performed:

01. Lalena (with Edouard Desyon)


· Label Suisse Festival in Lausanne, Switzerland.

· Donovan is joined by Edouard Desyon on piano to perform Lalena.

Sferisterio Festival

Date: June 29, 2009

Country: Italy

Songs performed:

01. Mellow Yellow
02. Colours


· These performances were part of the last day of the Sferisterio Festival, in Macerata, Italy.

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