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18/03/2012Playlist: interview and songs at Slacker Radio from SXSW

25/01/2012Playlist of Donovan at the Sundance Film Festival 2012

03/06/2011Donovan at the Royal Albert Hall

17/05/2011Donovan on Later... With Jools Holland

2009REVOLUTION The Legacy of the Sixties Documentary

?An Impromptu Donovan Interview: "What is a Folk Musician?"

2011Carnaby Street Undressed documentary

March 21, 2011The One Show, BBC1

December 5, 2010Great British Folk Festival

1968Live at the Cilla Black show, BBC

September 9, 2010The Eternal Hippie

September 9, 2010Donovan gets a warm welcome in Antwerp

December 30, 1974Chicago Soundstage

September 16, 2010Donovan at the St. Ives September Festival

September 9, 2010Donovan at the De Roma Folk Club

September 4, 2010Donovan at the Moseley Folk Festival

1978Aliens from Spaceship Earth (Trailer)

June 26, 2010Donovan's intimate performance at the Crypt Gallery, London

June 6, 2010Donovan's Master Class at SapphoFest 2010, Nafplio (Greece)

November 9, 1968There Is A Mountain with Sergio Mendes

2005I Was Born In Portland Town

March 19, 1969Andy's Love Concert

June 01, 2010Donovan sings Be Mine, SapphoFest opening

May 2010Donovan at Calma Estudis recording Mother Nature's Son

2010The Tenth Muse

April 11, 1965NME Poll Winners Concert, London

November 16, 1970Live at L'Olympia, Paris

2010Donovan talking about summer of 66 in Greece

1972The Magic Fox Film

1972BBC Concert

January 19, 1966A Boy Called Donovan, part 3

January 19, 1966A Boy Called Donovan, part 2

January 19, 1966A Boy Called Donovan, part 1

June 7, 1969Live in Hyde Park

April 2010Donovan & Jack Maness

February 2010Donovan at La Piscine Museum